Vineyard Farming

Your vineyard requires as many as 45 actions per year—from tilling and planting cover crop, to picking fruit and pulling brush. MTVS provides full-service farming to manage this entire picture and bring confidence to every vintage. We simplify your outlook by never changing your tractor driver or crew supervisor. And we take a hands-on, careful approach to managing the labor crews we bring in at the most demanding times of year. This keeps your land clean, your mind at ease, and your vines productive.

Vineyard Construction

Putting in a vineyard or adding a new block involves a long list of considerations. Soil analysis, vineyard plotting, rootstock selection, and materials procurement are just a few of the items on the checklist. MTVS offers the expertise, relationships, and know-how to advance your vineyard from concept to completion, no matter how complex the job appears at the front end. We do it all—from tearing out old orchards and clearing rock to converting open pasture into fully built vineyards.


The long-term viability of vineyards depends on the everyday practices we use to cultivate them. Fruit quality, soil health, and surrounding animal habitat all benefit from natural farming practices that use non-toxic methods for containing pests, competitive vegetation, and disease vectors. At MTVS, we prefer organic farming methods and do all we can to make sustainable farming a practical solution for our clients—even guaranteeing clean, healthy fruit at harvest. But we also understand and employ conventional farming techniques as needed to align with budgetary priorities.

About Us

MountainTop Vineyard Services is owned and operated by Simon Burr, a longtime veteran of vineyards throughout the Willamette Valley. The company was formed in 2006 after more than a decade of previous vineyard management experience—with client work ranging from A to Z Wineworks and Boedecker Cellars, to Finnigan Hill and L’Angolo Estate. MTVS prides itself on meticulous, year-round vineyard care, close contact with our clients, and a dependable team of skilled tractor operators and crew supervisors dedicated to each of our vineyards.

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